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How Often Should You Have Your Home’s Tile & Grout Cleaned?

Tile flooring is attractive, durable, and long-lasting. It's the perfect choice for rooms like bathrooms and kitchens because it's won't be damaged my moisture or heat. But while tile floors can stand up well to the elements they'll be subjected to in these rooms, they still need to be properly maintained. Because they're mostly used in bathrooms and kitchens, tile floors need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

At Floor Finished by C&C, our professional New Orleans tile and grout cleaning experts can help you keep your tile floors in the best condition possible. Our tile and grout cleaning services will ensure that your tile flooring is in not only kept attractive, but also healthy. It's important that you have your tile and grout cleaned regularly, but how often do you need these services?

What to Take Into Consideration

Depending on the specifics of your household, you'll need to have professional tile and grout services performed at varying frequencies. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, you should have professional tile and grout cleaning services performed twice per year:

  • Do you have any pets?
  • Do you have small children who crawl or are learning to walk?
  • Do you have older children who track in excessive dirt after outdoor activities?
  • Has your grout not been properly sealed?
  • Do you have small tile counter tops?
  • Is it difficult to remove stains from your flooring?

Our carpet cleaning company recommends that your tile and grout professionally cleaned twice per year: once in the spring, and once in the fall. If you did not answer yes to the above questions, you may be able to keep your tile floors clean with regular scrubbing and mopping, as long as you have professional cleaning services performed once each year.

DIY vs. Professional Cleaning Services for Tile and Grout

Maintenance is a very important part of keeping your tile and grout in great shape. Regular professional cleanings will make a huge difference in the appearance and the durability of your tile floors, counter tops, or walls.

If your tile or grout is dirty or stained, then mops and home cleaners may not be able to get the job done. Our professionals use high-grade, environmentally friendly products along with professional tools and advanced methods in order to provide the most thorough cleaning services possible.

If you're looking for tile and grout cleaning services in New Orleans, call Floor Finished by C&C at 985-789-8222, or fill out our online request form.