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Travertine Floor Cleaning & Sealing Specialists

Travertine cleaning & Sealing in Mandeville, LAIf you’re looking for a specialist to clean your Travertine Flooring in Mandeville, LA, or the surrounding area, call Floor Finished by C&C. We’re your local carpet cleaning professionals who specialize in a variety of cleaning services in Mandeville, LA.

Mopping the floors can become too time-consuming for many homeowners. It’s a lot of hard work that many don’t want to do themselves. If you’d rather get help with cleaning the Travertine Flooring, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists at Floor Finished by C&C in Mandeville, LA.

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  • Floor Polishing
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  • Floor Maintenance

Regular Cleaning and Care for Your Travertine Flooring

As a homeowner, you understand how fast the floors can get dirty. Before long, your beautiful Travertine Flooring can get dull-looking and faded. While most of the dirt is harmless, tiny scratches in the Travertine Flooring material can appear as people continue to walk over the surface.

Regular cleaning can help to prevent this surface scratching. It also helps to preserve the beautiful color of the tiles and grout. Also, keeping the dust, dirt, and sand off the hard floors will help to minimize the scrubbing, which would otherwise be necessary.

Polishing and Protecting Your Travertine Flooring

Travertine is a beautiful material made of natural limestone, so you want to be sure it stays protected and well-sealed to preserve its value. The natural colors range between the beautiful browns, rusts, tans, and beige hues.

  • Polished Travertine: Since Travertine Flooring is a softer material that needs to be polished in order to make it stain-resistant and scratch-resistant, re-polishing the surface will eventually be necessary. Otherwise, the floors can become easy to scratch and stain.
  • Sealing Honed Travertine: Sealing your floors in the kitchen and bathroom helps to protect honed (non-polished) Travertine from staining. A sealer should be applied about between three to five years.

All floors get dirty and stained, so you’ll want to be sure they stay protected over the long-term. No matter how often the cleaning and maintenance need to be done, you can count on our specialists for service. We can set up a regular floor cleaning program or assist you with a one-time cleaning, whichever works for you.

If you are looking for a reliable company that offers Travertine cleaning services in Mandeville, LA or nearby, please call 985-789-8222 or complete our online request form.