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Quality Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning Services

rug cleaning mandeville la, Oriental Rug CleaningThe rugs in your home are crucial parts of your home’s interior design, and keeping them looking great at all times is a task that is both rewarding and extremely difficult, especially if they are in a particularly high traffic area of your home. In these areas, your rugs can get extremely dirty over a very short amount of time, and if they are allowed to stays dirty for any length of time, that dirt can actually cause damage to the fibers of your rugs as it continues to get worn it with people walking over it. Regular rug cleaning is extremely important, not just because it reduces the amount of dirt and dust that people can track through your home, but it also help to preserve the colors and the texture of your home’s rugs for much longer. Dirt, grime, and dropped food will only continue to inflict more damage on your rugs the longer they are allowed to sit in place, so make sure you are getting your rugs the care they need to always be looking their best.

Many Louisiana homeowners prefer to clean their rugs on their own, and while it is important to break out the vacuum regularly to keep dirt and other debris from setting in on your rugs, it is also important to make sure you are having a professional rug cleaner come in and give them a thorough cleaning at regular intervals as well. Most area rugs require a gentle, yet thorough approach to cleaning, and there is no one better equipped to deal with this task than the Mandeville rug cleaning professionals at Floor Finished by C&C. Our team of professional carpet cleaners can provide you with the high quality rug cleaning services you need to keep your rugs looking great year after year while also helping to prevent and lasting damage to the fibers or the colors. Give the team of professionals at our carpet cleaning company a call today and let us show you the difference that quality can make.

Premium Area Rug Washing Services

The area rugs in your home can be very delicate pieces of home decor, but they are an important element in your home’s interior design nonetheless. Because of this importance, coupled with their delicate nature, they need to be treated with the proper balance of gentleness and thoroughness when they care being cleaned, and our team of professionals understand the perfect balance of this method to give you high quality cleaning you want all without damaging your beautiful area rugs. Area rugs are often expensive, and can be hard to replace, especially if they have memories attached to them, and our specialists understand this when you give them to us to be cleaned. We approach every area rug cleaning service like the individual situation it is. We analyze your rug and determine before any cleaning ever starts what kind of cleaning treatments are safe to use and will provide you with the results that you want.

Oriental Rug Cleaning Services in Mandeville & the Surrounding Areas

Oriental rugs can be a beautiful addition to any home’s interior design with their wide array of rich colors and intricate designs, but these same features can make it a harrowing experience when it comes time to clean them. Because of the richness of their colors, if you don’t have a company that knows what they are doing, you could find your colors bleeding and blending, potentially ruining your expensive oriental rug. Our team of cleaning professionals here at Floor Finished by C&C understand the hard work and care that has to go into cleaning these beautiful rugs, and we can guarantee that our cleaning will leave you with a rug that is both undamaged, and looks like the day you bought it.

Rug cleaning/rug spa prices

  • On Site Rug Steam Cleaning $1.00 sq ft

  • Fine Fabric Rug Pitting $3.50 sq ft

  • Urine Pet Treatment Guarantee Pet Odor Removal 35% of Cleaning Cost

  • ScotchGard Protection 65% of Cleaning Cost

Rug scotchgard and urine pre treat prices

  • Urine Pet Treatment Guarantee Pet Odor Removal 35% of Cleaning Cost

  • ScotchGard Protection 65% of Cleaning Cost

  • Benefect - Disinfectant 35% of Cleaning Cost

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