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Brick Cleaning & Sealing Specialists

Brick Cleaning in Mandeville, LAFloor Finished by C&C is the local specialist to depend on for Brick Cleaning and Sealing in Mandeville, LA. As a carpet cleaning and floor care specialist, homeowners can depend on us for a range of professional cleaning services in Mandeville, LA, and the surrounding areas.

Brick cleaning takes special care, especially when it’s on a horizontal surface. We’ve been industry professionals for many years and have the skill and knowledge to handle your cleaning and sealing services with expertise.

Plus, with Floor Finished by C&C, you can always count on receiving quality customer care. We understand what it’s like to be home and business owners ourselves, so we make sure to never compromise on the quality our customers receive.

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Regular Cleaning and Care for Your Brick Flooring

Brick flooring can quickly become one of the most prized surfaces of a home. It’s not only beautiful when well-maintained, but it can also withstand the heavy wear and tear of foot traffic for more than a century.

However, just like any other floor, brick cleaning and maintenance should be done on a regular basis if you want to preserve and protect the material.

Over time, dirt, sand, and pollutants can get ground into the surface of the brick and grout. Regular brick cleaning can help to keep the dirt from getting ground into the surface layers. It’s also essential to make sure any liquid spills or stains are cleaned up as soon as you notice them.

Protecting and Sealing Brick Flooring

When a brick floor is installed, a sealer is applied to waterproof and protect the surface. After a time, the sealant will wear off and should be re-applied. If the brick goes too long with no sealant, the surface will become permanently stained.

In general, the brick flooring needs to be re-sealed every three years or more. However, this will depend on the amount of foot traffic the floors get and how often you’ve handled the brick cleaning.

Let our professionals at Floor Finished by C&C help you to keep up with the brick floor cleaning and sealing. We can help you to extend the life of your beautiful floors and protect the investment value you’ve made in them.

Give us a call today so that we can set up a regular cleaning program or provide you with a service that suits your budget requirements.

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